Recent Papers:
Abhay Mittal, Pratik Varshney, and Nesar Ahmad
Cellular automata (CA) is a computational formalism extensively used in pattern formation. CA has also proven to be a very powerful tool to model and simulate biological systems in order to increase our understanding of the dynamics of biological systems and to find simple rules governing formation of complex patterns in biological systems. Apart from understanding the biological pattern formation in general, CA has also been used to enhance our knowledge of disease development including development of tumor mass. In this work, we have used CA formalism to model .... (Paper page)

Journal mission

JoMS is primarily interested in publishing scholarly work where real-world problems are solved or explored through mathematical modelling or computer simulations. Real world problem can be from a wide range of subjects including trafic modeling, CFD, transport phenomena, mechanics, electromagnets and MHD, optimization, industrial process modeling, decision making, civil engineering systems and structures, mineral and energy resources, biological systems, CAD and CAE based modeling, metallic process modeling, climate modeling or similar fields. Development of new theory for mathematical modeling or computer simulation represents significant emerging area of research activity and articles on such a topic are particularly encouraged.

What we do?

We publish peer-reviewed research articles either developing new modeling of simulation theory or solving/exploring a real world problem using mathematical modeling and computer simulation. 

Salient features
KPG strongly believes that reviewers' contribution is very important in helping authors in identifying potential areas of manuscript improvement. Therefore, after blind review, all accepted papers list the name of reviewers and provide access to review reports. This makes the complete review process more transparent and helps us in giving the due credits to the reviewers.

All published papers will be available to readers without subscription.

Vision, Mission and Values Statement of KPG
Vision Statement

Knowledge Publishing Group seeks to become both a source and an engine of leading scientific discoveries and technological advancements.

Mission Statement

To support and to give voice to scientific discoveries and innovation.

Values Statement

KPG's Core Values are:

1. Encourage multidisciplinarity approach.
2. Support fusion of science and innovation.
3. Give voice to novel ideas.
4. Rediscover the lost knowledge.